6 Proven Copywriting Formulas That Can Drive Conversions & Sales

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Sarah Lee

Writing a marketing copy is the process of creating marketing content for your products and services that can drive conversions and sales. It can include copy of your product, services, and the company itself. Now you know what writing a copy means; the next question comes how to write a copy that sells?

No matter what you sell, the ability to write a good copy is a key skill for success. Copywriting is the process of creating persuasive content that encourages people to take action. Whether you’re trying to get people to buy your product through successful Facebook ads or sign up for your sales email list, writing a copy that drives conversion and sales can make all the difference. 

But what makes a good copy? And how can you use it to drive conversion and sales? In this post, we’ll share six proven copywriting formulas and copywriting examples that will help you create an irresistible call to action and that are perfect marketing materials. 

6 Copywriting Formulas that can help you write effective copy for your website, email marketing campaigns, and even sales letters

Copywriting formulas can help you write effective copy for your website, email campaigns, run successful Facebook ads, and even sales letters. The 6 Copywriting Formulas discussed in this blog post are: Problem Agitate Solution, AIDA Copywriting, Before After Bridge, Feature Advantage Benefit, Problem Promise Proof Proposal, and Feature To Benefit

These six formulas will help to minimize the amount of time spent on writing copy which in turn will free up your time to focus on more important tasks. By using these formulas and sales copy examples you’ll be able to create persuasive copy that converts better and drives more leads through your funnel. 

With MarketingCopy AI users can generate high converting copy based on these copywriting formulas. MarketingCopy AI’s tools will help you write effective sales copy in seconds. Let’s discuss each copywriting formula and how to use to generate sales copy based on these formulas. 

Problem Agitate Solution Copywriting Formula 

The Problem Agitate Solution also known as the Pain Agitate Solution is a copywriting formula that uses a simple three-step process that you can use to highlight the pain points your product or service solves and how it solves them. Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) is a copywriting formula that stirs up problems and makes them seem urgent. It taps into people's need to feel like they're doing something to solve the problem. PAS gives your customers a clear solution to the problem, and it plants doubt in their minds about whether or not they can resolve it without your help.

This strategy is used by many sales professionals because it works well for getting people to take action. The goal of PAS is always twofold: first, get your prospect interested in solving the problem; second, create urgency so that you stand out as the best option for resolving it. 

In order to use this tool, Select the Sales Copy Tools category from the main Tools page. On this page you will see the Pain Agitate Solution tool, select this tool to create a Pain Agitate Solution copy for your product or service.

MarketingCopy AI Tools

On this tools page, start by entering your product or brand name and enter the details of your product or service. Give as much information as possible. The more details AI has about your product or service, the better copy it can generate. After you have added the product / service details, select a tone for your copy. MarketingCopy AI offers a range of tones including Persuasive, Friendly, Helpful and more to choose from. This allows the users to create copy using a range of different tones to target the audiences accordingly. Once the tone is selected then click Generate Copy to see the final output generated.

Pain Agitate Solution Copywriting Formula

In the output section you will see the final copy generated. From here you can copy the output or save it to one of your folders. 

Pain Agitate Solution Copywriting Formula

AIDA Copywriting 

AIDA Copywriting is a popular copywriting formula among the copywriting skills and sales copy examples that has been proven to be effective in driving conversion and sales. AIDA copywriting is a type of copywriting that uses the AIDA acronym to help you get your message across. The AIDA acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. 

The first step in using the AIDA formula is to grab the attention of your reader. This means that you need to get their attention so that they will be able to pay attention to your entire message once it's presented. Once their attention is captured, you want them to be interested in what you have to say—you want them to want to know more about what you have to say because they find it interesting. After all, why would someone want something if they didn't find it interesting?

The next step is desire: once someone has paid attention and becomes interested in what you have to say because of its appeal, then they will most likely desire some action taken on your behalf. 

Finally: If you can make sure that these desires are met with an actionable offer (like buying something), then you've got yourself some conversions!

AIDA Copywriting Formula | Marketing Copy AI

Before After Bridge Copywriting Formula 

The idea behind Before After Bridge Copywriting is simple: you want to show people what they’re missing by getting them to see how much better your new offer will be.

You can use Before After Bridge Copywriting for everything from landing pages that help you get visitors to sign up for your newsletter or e-mail list, to blog posts that explain why your product is so amazing (and why they should buy it).

In short, before and after methods are used in marketing to convince people that something is better than what they already have. It’s a great way to show people how much better something is than anything else out there—or at least how much better it could be if only they made this one small change.

Before After Bridge Copywriting Tool | Marketing Copy AI

Feature Advantage Benefit Copywriting

FAB is an effective copywriting formula that can be easily understood by your readers. It contains keywords that promote conversion and engagement, such as “advantages” and “benefits” (see below). FAB helps you focus your message on what's important to your potential customers and makes it easy for them to understand why they should take action right away. 

Here are 3 ways in which FAB can help you write better sales copy: 

1) FAB allows you to clearly state the benefits of using your product or service above all else. By always putting the customer first, you'll create powerful incentives for them to act now. 

2) FAB helps organize complex information so that readers will have no trouble understanding what you're selling. When everything is laid out plainly, buyers feel in control of their decision-making process and are more likely to make purchases based on solid research. 

3) FAB stresses repetition throughout its content. This strategy not only builds stronger emotional connections with readers but also sends a clear message about how seriously you take customer retention – another essential factor in driving conversions.

Mastering this copywriting skill can improve your conversion and sales by increasing the value of your product or service. Feature Advantage Benefit copywriting examples focus on the benefits of a product or service. It can be used to entice potential customers to buy the product or service, or it can be used to promote an existing product or service through running successful Facebook ads, email copywriting campaigns or other marketing campaigns.

In order for your features to be effective at convincing people about why they should buy from you rather than someone else's website or business, it's important that they're specific enough so that readers know exactly what they'll get if they choose those features over other ones. For example, if we're talking about weight loss products: "If you buy our weight loss program today, you'll lose up.

To use this tool, select the Feature Advantage Benefit tool from the sales copy page and enter your product or service details. Once this is done, hit Generate Copy and use the generated copy in your marketing campaigns. 

Feature Advantage Benefit Copywriting Formula | Marketing Copy AI

Problem Promise Proof Proposal Copywriting Formula 

Writing a good copy is all about solving problems for your customer. And to do that, you need to know what their problem is and promise them a solution. The Problem Promise Proof Formula helps to create a rapport with your customer, by identifying the problem and the promise that you make to solve it. This sets the customer up for a successful purchase because they trust that you will deliver on both promises.

Once you have identified the problem and promised a solution, it’s time to prove yourself worthy of this trust by completing the Solution Promise Proof Formula. This formula shows how your proposed solution meets (or exceeds) the needs of your target market . By doing so, you can ensure that not only are customers satisfied with your product or service, but also convinced enough to take action – whether that means signing up for a sales email list or buying a product from you directly. 

Problem Promise Proof Proposal Copywriting Formula

Feature To Benefit Copywriting Formula 

The Feature To Benefit Formula is one of the most commonly used copywriting formula to drive conversions and sales. The formula helps convince customers to take action by linking features with benefits. In order to create good marketing material to drive higher engagement and conversions, it's essential for you to have this formula in your arsenal.  

The formula helps create a need for your product or service. This is done by convincing customers that they would not only benefit from using your product or service, but they may even not live with it if they don’t have it! The following are five steps you can use to generate demand for your products or services through the use of this Copywriting Formula:

1) Begin with an introduction that sets the stage and introduces the idea behind the formula. Include a hook, which will capture readers’ attention and make them want more information about what you have to say.

2) Next, explain how the feature works and why it matters . Emphasize its importance so that readers can see how taking action would be detrimental if they don’t adopt it immediately.

3) Describe all of the possible ways in which users could benefit from using your product or service – both short-term (right now) and long-term (in future). Make sure each potential beneficiary is mentioned at least once in your marketing copy or sales email! 

4) Close out your argument by highlighting specific reasons why readers should act on what you’ve just described – examples might include save time, money, hassle, stress… the list goes on & on !  

5) Offer a discount

Feature to Benefit Copywriting Formula


Copywriting formulas can be used to write effective content, create compelling calls to action, and more. Copywriting formulas are valuable tools that can be used for driving conversion and sales. They can help you increase your funnel visibility and achieve your business goals. 

If you're looking to improve your copywriting skills or looking to get some best marketing materials to increase conversion and sales, then memorizing and utilizing some of these formulas is a great place to start. If you would like to create compelling and high converting copy with minimal time and effort then you can let our AI do all the work for you. With MarketingCopy AI, you can turn a few words into engaging ad copy for your products and services. With our AI powered marketing copywriter you can let our AI do all the copywriting work for you and generate high quality sales copy that maximizes conversions in seconds. Sign up for a free trial today.