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Writing SEO optimized content is hard. That's where AI SEO Assistant comes in: our tool will help you effortlessly optimize every article, quickly implement targeted keyword research strategies, plus gain actionable insights into your readership and traffic.
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Use content score to increase your search engine rankings

Our content score compares your content to top competitors based on word count, keyword density and usage, headings, paragraphs, and images to gauge optimization for the topic covered.

Don't settle for mediocre content. Take the first step towards improving your content's optimization and performance with our tool's content score. Try it out today and take your content to the next level!

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Find opportunities for ranking using the top SERP results

When it comes to creating SEO optimized content, analyzing SERP results is an important step. This information can help you identify which keywords and phrases are being searched for most often on Google.

Take the competition by surprise and explore new opportunities for improvement with our powerful SERP results feature. Dive into content analysis and get an inside look of each article's SERP summary with a few clicks in the editor.

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Focus on what's important: writing great content.

Writing SEO optimized content is hard. With AI SEO Assistant, you can focus on the important stuff—creating compelling content—while the software takes care of keyword research and optimization for you.

Write without stress, knowing that your articles are being optimized for search engines using the latest in semantic search technology.

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What can you create with MarketingCopy AI?

Blogs and Articles

Generate blog titles, outlines, blog intro and complete blogs and articles...

Ad copy

- Facebook Ads
- Google Ads
- Linkedin Ads and more

Social Media Content

Create captions, titles, topics for a range of different social media using various tools

Sales Copy

- Quest copywriting
- Feature to benefit
- Pain Agitate Solution  
- Attention Interest Desire Action

Website Copy

- Header
- Hero Text
- Bullet points
- Feature titles and subtitles

eCommerce Copy

- Product description
- Product titles
- CTA text
- Product features/benefits


Awesome Tools can help you create more content in less time. It’s like having someone take all your ideas and package them into perfect content pieces. Who wouldn’t want to save time while creating effective content? 😀

I’ve recently been trying out different writing tools, and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement!

Content Marketing Strategist

What a great tool!

I have been experimenting with a few AI-powered tools that help generate marketing copy and  @MarketingCopyAI stands out. I have been using it now for quite a while and it’s amazing to see how it’s been part of work-life now.

Content Writer

Great product!

@MarketingCopyAI has more than 60 AI tools to generate marketing copy. All of their tools generate impressive content, and it takes seconds.

Rida Maqbool
Social Media Strategist

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