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You take care of the products, let MarketingCopy take care of the words. Create effective marketing copy for your products and services in seconds using MarketingCopy AI.

Marketing Copy in Seconds, Not Hours or Days.

Use 80+ AI tools from Facebook Ad Copy to Blog Post Outlines to create high quality marketing copy at unprecedented speed. From brainstorming content ideas to writing complete blog posts, our product allows you to gain an edge when it comes to creating marketing copy.

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Long Form Copy that maximises ROI

Forget about spending endless hours trying to think of words to write for your Blogs, Articles and other Long Form content. Let our AI do all the creative work for you and create long form content that drives higher conversions and maximise ROI.

Just enter what you want the AI to write about and let it take care of the rest- from researching to writing, editing to publishing, our AI will take care of it all.

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Create blog posts & articles in minutes with our AI

Create first drafts of blogs in seconds with our powerful Blog Post Wizard.

With Long Form Writing Assistant you can use features like Instruct AI to give direct instructions to AI and create content for blogs and articles with minimal time and effort.

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How it works

Pick the type of tool for your marketing copy

Choose from over 80+ tools for the type of marketing copy that you want to create.


Describe your product or service

Enter details about your product/services along with some words describing the product or service.

Generate AI content

See the magic happen with our AI doing all the creative work for you and generating new ideas and full crafted copies. You can then select which ones you like and add them to your lists, edit them, share with colleagues, and more ..


Product Features

80+ Copy Tools

From Blog post outlines to Ad copy, MarketingCopy offers 80+ tools to cater to all your marketing copywriting needs.

Long Form Assistant

With Long Form Writing Assistant, you can let AI do all the creative work for you and write content using Instruct AI, Write for me and more...

Blog Post Wizard

Say no to writer block and create first drafts for your blogs and articles in seconds with our powerful Blog Post Wizard.

Document Editor

Our rich text editor provides all the word editing and formatting features you need to publish your long form copy.


Organise contents and documents in projects which can easily be shared between team members.

Team Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your teams with our multi workspaces and collaboration features.

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