How to write effective email marketing content

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Sarah Lee

Marketing copy, email copy or Facebook ad copy is a term that many people use to describe the process of developing content with the intention of promoting that content through various channels. Depending on the channel, this could mean email, social media, or even search engine optimization. The goal is to create content that is useful and engaging for readers and sells the product it is advertising. Here are 10 tips on how to effectively create email copy that drives higher clicks and engagement from your audience.

1. Start with a catchy headline

Email is a great way to reach out to potential and current customers, but only if you do it right. One of the most important aspects of email marketing is the headline. A catchy headline will grab attention and encourage people to read on, while a dull or boring headline will likely result in your email being ignored. There are plenty of benefits to using a catchy headline for your email content. For one thing, it can help increase open rates. People are more likely to open an email if they're intrigued by the subject line. A good headline can also help promote click-throughs, as it gives readers a taste of what they can expect from the rest of the email. Finally, a catchy headline makes it more likely that people will remember your email (and your brand) down the road. Not sure how to write a catchy headline? Here are some examples:

"Get 50% off your next purchase!"

"New arrivals just in time for summer!"

"We've got what you need."

2. Write a clear subject line

The first and most important step to creating successful email marketing content is to write a clear, concise, and attention-grabbing subject line. The subject line is the make-or-break element of your email that determines whether or not the recipient will actually open and read your message. A well-crafted subject line can pique curiosity, create a sense of urgency, or even evoke an emotional response. However, a poorly written one will likely end up in the recipient's trash folder. So what makes for a good subject line? Here are some tips:

Be clear and concise: Keep yoursubject lines short (50 characters or less) and to the point. Avoid using gimmicky sales language or puns; instead, focus on conveying the main message of your email as clearly as possible.

Create a sense of urgency: If you have a time-sensitive offer or announcement, make sure to include that in your subject line so that recipients know they need to act fast. For example,"Only 2 days left to save 20% off your order!"

Evoke an emotional response: In many cases, it can be helpful to tap into the recipient's emotions using emotional triggers.

3. Keep In Mind The Reader’s Attention Span!

In today's world, where attention spans seem to be shorter than ever, it is important that the contents of your marketing copy or email copy fall within a certain word count. To ensure that your content will get the attention it deserves, keep it short and concise. The less time you must spend reading your email copy, the more likely you are to take action on that email. To keep your email content short and concise, it is important to use a clear and concise writing style. This will allow readers to quickly scan the email for key points. Use tools that provide headline generator, sentence generator, first line generator etc. to create effective yet concise content. 

4. Content Should Be Easy To Read!

Another strategy used for effective marketing copy or email copy is using bullet points to make content easier to read. It breaks up long paragraphs and provides a clear outline for your audience which helps the reader absorb the information better. Bullet points also allow the email copy to be concise and organised and make your content more engaging. Long paragraphs tend to scare the customer away and the inclination to read paragraphs is lower than the inclination to read bullet points. Therefore, always try to break key points into bullets and phrases. 

5. Engage the Audience!

Another effective technique while writing a good copy is to include a personal element. Email marketing is a great way to reach new prospects, but it can be difficult to get the right tone of voice across in a professional email. It is important to find the perfect balance between being too formal and too casual. when writing content for an email, make sure it's concise and easy to read. Include a link to your website in the email, but don't overdo it. You want to be sure that they're interested in reading more about you. Be personable and use words like "you" or "your." Try using bold text or italics for emphasis on certain points but if you bold too much of your email it will take away from the important material, so it is very important to strike a balance. 

6. Put Yourself  In The Customer’s Shoes

Moreover, to write a good email copy it is necessary to write from the customer's point of view. The first step to writing effective email marketing content is to think about what your customers want to read, not what you want to write. Your customers are looking for information that will help them solve problems or answer questions. They are not interested in reading about how great your company is. If you want the customer to buy something, then focus on the benefits of the product. Tell them how your product fits their needs or fixes their problem to lure them in. Also, use clear, concise language that is easy to understand. Don't use jargon or acronyms in your emails. Write with a friendly tone and a conversational style. Proofread your emails before you send them out to ensure there are no typos or errors. Grammatical mistakes, typos and errors give an unprofessional impression which in turn reflects poorly on the product that the market copy, email copy or Facebook ad copy are trying to sell.

7. Keep Your Content Fresh And Up To Date

Even though email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience. Email marketing has proven to be a cost-effective and reliable way of promoting products and services. It's important to keep your content fresh by updating it often. This can be done by implementing a system that focuses on planning ahead; having a plan in place for what content will be sent to your subscribers is crucial. This includes what the email should say and when it will be sent out. The content of your emails needs to be fresh and relevant in order for people to open them. You can do this by providing new information on a regular basis, or by sending offers that are time sensitive. Design your email marketing campaign in a way that is relevant to the time of year can also help keep people interested. For example, during the holiday season, you might send out emails with gift ideas or information on how to get ready for Christmas and New Year’s. You should always be thinking about what will interest your subscribers and provide them with content that they are looking for.

8. Call to Action May Be The Key

 Including a call-to-action in every email copy you send increases the chances of your customer reacting to your promotion or offer.  A call-to-action is an action that the recipient of your message is asked to take. For example, "Click here and sign up for our newsletter. If you're not sure how to create a call-to-action, there are many online guides and tutorials that can help. You may use tools like headline generator, sentence generator, first line generator etc. to generate call for action statements that are unique and attractive.

9. Personalize Your Emails

To generate an email copy that compels readers to open the email, the subject line should be informative yet catchy. It should include the topic of the content, as well as a summary but should be engaging as well. If you want your email copy to generate a high traffic, make sure that you are not sending bulk emails. These email copies are sent to one or more recipients en masse but this type of email marketing is not effective because these emails are often ignored or deleted without reading. The best way to get your message across is to send individual emails, which will be heard and read by the recipient. The first line of the market copy or email copy should be a brief introduction to the subject. The second line should be a sentence that provides the reader with an overview of what they are about to read. The third and final paragraph should be a conclusion, which summarises the main points made in the essay. 

10. Test and track your results

It's important to test and track your email marketing campaigns so that you can improve your results over time. There are a few different things you can test, such as the subject line, the sender name, the preheader text, and the call to action. You can also track things like open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and complaint rate. There are a few different ways to go about testing your email campaigns. One way is to use A/B testing, which is where you send two slightly different versions of the same email to two different groups of people and see which one performs better. Another way is to use multivariate testing, which is where you send several different versions of an email to a larger group of people and see which version performs the best.

Once you've tested your emails and tracked your results, you can start making changes to improve your performance over time. If you're not sure what changes to make, try starting with small changes and seeing how they affect your results before making bigger changes. Remember that it takes time and effort to see real results from any change you make, so don't get discouraged if you don't see an immediate improvement.


In conclusion, in order to write effective and good email marketing copy, it's important to understand what your audience wants and needs. When considering the best type of emails for your business, you should ask yourself what are my goals? Who is my target audience? and how do I want people to feel after reading my email? These answers will help you generate an email copy or market copy that attracts and retains customers. 

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