How to write a sales page with MarketingCopy AI

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Shehroze Bhatti

A big brand name with efficient products still needs attractive sales pages or landing pages to get customers. Do you have a mind-blowing brand handling football manufacturing all over the world? The only thing that sets you back is your company's struggle with the sales. The most important thing about your company's page or ad copy is how you can convince the target audience to buy your product. If you are not doing great in marketing and your product gets zero sales, it simply means that your website is creating no revenue.

In case you're busy manufacturing and managing your team, you can get a helping hand anytime! We have in the market to work as a copywriting assistant for you. It will fulfill your blank page into a high converting landing page in just a few minutes. Without wasting any further time, you can generate an engaging sales page or product descriptions using the MarketingCopy AI writing tool. A well-created sales page will convert more of your viewers into your customers. Stick to us till the end and get your sales page done.

What are Sales Pages?

You are definitely at the right spot if you are unaware about the landing pages, its importance and how you can create one. Some great sales pages make your website easy-going for the buyers. Most of the customers leave the site in seconds if they find it difficult to operate. So, to ensure more purchases, make your page simple and easy, having the product just a few clicks away. Your sales page helps the customers in buying products and drives their attention towards it.

Your landing page or sales copy should include all the information about your product, its features, price and warranty. Your viewer should get no reason to leave your marketing copy page or to search for another one. Try to mention all the know-hows in an engaging conversational tone. The creative engagement you provide will help you keep the visitors on the page.

Let's say thousands of people are visiting your page, reading all the information but not buying the product. What can be the reason? Are you leading the target audience to your "Buy Now" button? Are you converting them? If not, your revenue will not increase. You shouldn't waste your money by investing in the content marketing and not working on the content of your page.

Use MarketingCopy ai Copywriting Tools:

We have brought into the market as a best ai writing tool among copywriting tools. You can use it as an ai writing assistant to create a high converting sales page for your business or write content for your lead generation. It has a number of tools like managing tone, length, creativity, paraphrasing and AI tool of expanding content.

You can use different tools to not only create a sales page, but also to write blog posts, website high converting copy, facebook ad copy, social media posts or product descriptions. The marketing copy generated by ai writer will grow your business and attract target audience that can get you an infinite amount of revenue. The tool can even create new content using the previously existing content of your marketing copy.

Steps to write a sales page using Marketing Copy AI:

You are well aware about the importance of a creative copy on your sales page. The engaging your sales copy is, the better content marketing and better revenue you'll get. The writing process on a blank screen of ai copywriting tool isn't that difficult. You only need to know how to write outline of your marketing copy, edit your ad copy, finalize it and then export your landing page.

1) Write an Engaging outline for your Sales page:

For a top notch landing page or a website copy, your writer's block must be unique from others. The content and research varies according to your niche and market. Go for a content creation template in the tools and create a high converting ad copy of your own business by less time consuming. If you are making a long sales page, you shouldn't miss out on these points:

  • An engaging headline or title to attract visitors
  • Descriptive subheadings
  • Simple and clear paragraphs
  • Add a bullet point list
  • Write your personal bio
  • Add a testimonial of your product
  • A strong call to action

There are many other tools for writing sales page in the market like Jasper write along with You have to use the tool as a personal copywriter and create content like engaging landing pages by commanding your tool efficiently.

2) Use the outline and create content:

After generating an outline for your compelling copy using a great tool, now is the time to create a game changer content. You have to use long-form writing assistant to get your landing page content generated through creative ideas.

  • Engaging Headlines: Command ai copywriting assistant to "Write a list of engaging headlines about Football company." You will get a list of SEO optimized titles for your landing page. These titles are best for content production along with content marketing.

  • Descriptive Sub-headings: Use the content creator tool of for generating high quality content of subheadings. You can add questions like "Write a list of common facts associated with football manufacturing?"

  • Add a Concise Paragraph: The paragraphs of your writing copy, product descriptions, blog articles or even blog posts must be clear, simple and easy to read. Use this command for ai writer, "Write an informational paragraph about history of football manufacturing globally." or "Write an engaging paragraph explaining importance of football".

  • Make the sales copy attractive by listing points: Your social media copy, blog post or landing pages must appear attractive in the first glance. Artificial intelligence has been creating new ideas to make your landing page look engaging. Let the ai copywriting tool "Write a list of essentials a football company must have." and create good sales from your sales page.

You can also add a command asking for, "Write a list of countries most footballs are exported to."

  • Your personal Data: Write a personal bio about John (any name of CEO of company) detailing the expertise and experience in football manufacturing. The marketing content needs authenticity of the CEO and it will attract the audience more.

  • Add credibility by including testimonials: "I ordered footballs from your company back in 2019 and they lasted so long. They were high quality footballs manufactured efficiently. Looking forward to order more from your page". Paste such a quoted paragraph as a social proof and let the ai copywriters create an engaging testimonial of your business. A visitor with the intention of buying a product always looks for a solid testimonial on your sales page.
  • A Call to Action: Write a solid call to action to pitch your audience for purchasing footballs. Add a strong CTA in your long form sales emails to let the buyers act immediately. It drives an urge in the visitors to get the product and help converting them into customers.

3) Edit to improve your sales page:

Editing always has a stronger game than writing itself. Either it's creating product descriptions or writing blog posts, you must edit your first draft efficiently. Your whole team should try creating a sales page that is free of all typos and minor mistakes. Your audience must not notice any grammar mistake or lack of credibility in your sales page. To make your sales page look good, set the formatting of your copy. If your page is not appealing to your customer's eyes, it can't leave a good effect on your site.

To ensure better results, add graphics on your sales page and create a "help centre" on your sales page. Your customers can easily contact you if thy have any query related to the product before purchasing it. So, make sure to make it as easy for your visitors as possible.

4) Finalize your sales page and export it:

Go through your sales page again, add images to help audience, and screenshots where required. Create or change some headings in conversational tone to make them sound more engaging. Write FAQs about your product and your sales page to guide the target audience. These frequently asked questions will leave no ambiguity in your customer's minds.

After finalizing and editing the sales page designed by ai copywriting tool, it is the time to export it. Get your sales page downloaded on your device and then upload on your football manufacturing website.


All in all , you have designed your sales page of Football manufacturing company using tool. Such tools are more effective in writing content, product descriptions and make your business sales increase exponentially. tool is new to copywriting market and less time consuming. A good sales page not only attracts your target audience but also drives them to buy the product. More revenue means more success rate of your business. Sign up for a free trial today.