How to create high converting copy for landing pages

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Shehroze Bhatti

Is your company selling mind-blowing products yet getting zero conversions? You must try investing in your landing page! No matter how big the company is or how good its marketing campaign is, it all goes in vain when the landing page cannot attract the target audience. The success of a brand or a company depends on the revenue generated. You own the best landing page if your landing page can convert your audience and sell the products. 

The main problem in business is that people focus on building their name and creating more beneficial products for customers but unfortunately, they neglect the importance of their landing page. The page that's responsible for converting those customers visiting the site. If you are relying only on your marketing campaign, it might be possible that hundreds of people visit your site, but none of them helped in generating revenue. So, a high-converting landing page is a must for your company's growth! 

Let's say that you own a toy manufacturing company. As we know, children love toys, and parents love to buy them for their children. Remember, the first thing your visitor will see is your landing page. So, your landing page must be so engaging and attractive that everyone who visits the site and reads the toy's description has to stay there. It must be ensured that the visitor buys toys for his children.

Don't worry if you have no idea about copywriting or designing a landing page. We've got your back! In this blog, you'll learn how to easily create a high-converting landing page. In a few minutes of reading, you will be able to know all the tips and tricks to make a landing page that maximizes your conversions and help you generate more revenue. Moreover, you can use different AI tools to create your landing page copy in a short time.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is named a "landing" page because this is the first page a visitor sees upon clicking on the website link. As it is the first page to land on, it must be impressive for the target audience. A good landing page has all the services offered by the company in a summarized way, the conditions engagingly required by the company, and a quick call to action button to convert the visitors. Landing pages can be of different types, and some of the most commonly used are:

  1. Long-form landing page 
  2. Squeeze landing page
  3. Product details page
  4. Click through the landing page
  5. Video landing page

Despite the type of landing page you design, you just have a page that describes your product or service. Ensure the audience is left with minimum questions about your product. Tell them about your offer clearly and simply to make things easier for your customers. Tell your target audience how your product can be beneficial for them. Encourage them to buy it on the spot!

What is the anatomy of high converting landing pages?

You must be waiting to start creating your landing page copy, right? We should learn about the basic formatting of a high converting landing page copy for your toy manufacturing company.

You should know what to add to your landing pages, what not to add, what the formatting should be, and what kind of image you should use. Don't miss out on these tips for generating a creative landing page copy:

  • Add an Engaging Headline: Write the headline of your entire landing page efficiently. No doubt an ad copy must be engaging, but make sure that your page headline and ad copy corroborate. The ad copy on your landing page must provide a treat to your visitors who clicked on the link.
  • Avoid Grammar Mistakes: Don't let the landing page visitor notice any kind of mistake. You can convert him into a customer once you manage to hold their trust. So, be perfect at editing and proofreading your document before uploading it on the website's landing page. Any minor grammar or sentence structure mistake on your landing pages can prove you unprofessional. Such a small but ignorant act can ruin your impression of the web page visitor. Don't give anyone a chance to point out a mistake and have flawless English Grammar! You can use the editing option in the tool too.
  • Be Clear and add all key elements: While writing a headline, try reading it as a customer first. It is the first line someone will read on your toy manufacturing company page. So, the first impression on a visitor is your headline. Ensure it's catchy enough to let the visitor read more on your landing page copy. Try to be simple and clear with your English instead of making it complex and using difficult vocabulary.
  • Include a visible call to action button: Don't let your visitor fall into ambiguity. If he does not find the next command after reading the headline, it will take a few seconds for him to leave the page. So, add a short but strong call to action right after the headline. It will help keep your customer on the landing page for more time. Also, ensure that your call to action button is more extensive, brighter, and visible.
  • Don't miss out on testimonials: Use your testimonials on landing pages! Never miss out on this tip, never. It will help your business grow like magic. Imagine you have to buy an online product and you visit the company site. What will you want to see next? Obviously a solid proof! Yes, add proofs and testimonials to gain the trust of your visitors and convert them in a few minutes only.
  • Fewer Distractions: Try to keep the internal links, anchor texts, and ads in a less ratio. The more distraction, the more irritating. Your visitor will be annoyed in seconds with a bunch of links inserted into every text. Your search engine on the home page doesn't improve by adding irrelevant internal links. So, be simple and keep your landing page decent and aesthetic.
  • Add visual elements to your text: You have to keep the one who visited your landing page engaged. A dry text will make him get bored easily. To lessen the boredom, add images and videos shot in colorful backgrounds. You can add a video testimonial too. A hero image and video will keep the customer attracted and help explain the product easily.

Writing a good landing page copy with all the elements is not that easy, but you can create a high converting one by following these tips. Adding visuals can be an elevator pitch for your landing page. Tools like have made it a hundred times easier to generate a high converting landing page copy for your toy manufacturing company.

How to Create a Hero Copy of the first Landing Page design with a high conversion rate?

Successful landing pages are well known for lead generation and grabbing visitors' attention. The landing page conversions of a great landing page are much higher than an average conversion rate of a new landing page.

You must use the "Landing page Hero Text" Tool of and generate a perfect landing page. Most effective landing pages have the following pain points to be added to their website page:

1) Header: Your well-designed landing page headline or header is the first visual element of your sales page. So, the customer journey starts from the engaging header. Generate it by commanding the tool like this:

2) Sub-header: A high-converting landing page must have a catchy sub-header text to attract and convert visitors. Look at the sub-header text you can generate on your excellent landing page to ensure landing page conversions. Writing a landing page with a high conversion rate is vital.

3) Call to Action CTA button: Most landing pages have a solid call to action CTA button. Your landing page conversion rate will be increased if your sales pages are able to covert visitors attention. So, make a visible and bigger call to action button. Just one call to action text with just a few words can make a huge difference to your landing page conversion rate and add more value proposition. Look at the great landing page example due to adding the call to action button.

4) A strong social proof: Visitors need social proof or testimonials whenever they reach your landing pages. You must keep strong social proof on your sales pages to get the customer's trust. Generate it by using the "Long-form writing assistant" tool. Many compelling landing page examples in the market have strong testimonies.

Why does Generate a Strong Landing Page Copy?

Living in the era of artificial intelligence, we humans are using AI tools to complete our tasks with all the elements in less time. Using, you can create landing pages, and blog posts, create website copy, generate an article, write product descriptions or create ad copy. allows you to write an engaging landing page for your business in no time! is the easiest-to-use AI tool in market research and is affordable for most users. AI tools are at less risk of making mistakes while generating content. Moreover, you can create more content in less time.

So, use the to generate leads, increase your sign-ups, get more visitors, convert your customers and generate revenue through your compelling landing page copy. End it by adding a strong call to action button for your target audience! Sign up for a free trial today.