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Forget about spending endless hours trying to think of words to write for your Ad Copies or Blogs. Let our AI do all the creative work for you and write marketing copies that drive higher conversions and maximise ROI.

built in templates to help you generate copies for digital ads, social media content, website copies, blog content, emails and more...

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Create unique long-form content with AI

Generate blogs, stories and more with our long form content generation tools. Create unique and compelling blogs, articles, stories and more in minutes using our powerful AI.

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Translate and create marketing copies in 20+ languages

Have clients across multiples countries or generating content in different languages? Easily create and translate copies in different languages with our powerful AI language translation tool with perfect grammar.

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Keep your content organised with multiple projects

Content management can be a challenge when you're generating a lot of content. Use different project folders to organise content for different projects and different clients easily.

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How it works

Pick the type of tool for your marketing copy

Choose from blog outlines, ad copies, headlines, email messages, sales copies and more


Describe your product or service

Enter details about your product/services along with some words on what you do.

Generate AI content

See the magic happen with our AI doing all the creative work for you and generating new ideas and full crafted copies. You can then select which ones you like and add them to your lists, edit them, share with colleagues, and more ..


What can you create with MarketingCopy AI?

Blogs and Articles

Generate blog titles, outlines, blog intro and complete blogs and articles...

Ad copies

- Facebook Ads
- Google Ads
- Linkedin Ads and more

Social Media Content

Create captions, titles, topics for a range of different social media using various tools

Sales Copy

- Quest copywriting
- Feature to benefit
- Pain Agitate Solution  
- Attention Interest Desire Action

Website Copy

- Header
- Hero Text
- Bullet points
- Feature titles and subtitles

eCommerce Copy

- Product description
- Product titles
- CTA text
- Product features/benefits

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