Product Update

May, 2022 - Product Update

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Shehroze Bhatti

Let's take a look at all the features and improvements we got added in May 2022

New Features

Blog Post Wizard 🔥

We have released one of our much-awaited features, Blog Post Wizard which allows users to create first drafts of their blogs in seconds. With just a few clicks, you can have a rough draft of your post ready in less than a minute! Simply enter your title and follow 5 steps and let the wizard take care of the rest! Here's a quick tutorial on how to use Blog Post Wizard effectively and create high-quality content for your blogs.

New Blog Tools and upgrades 💻

We have released new blog tools including Bullet point to Blog Section and Blog Conclusion tools. Our new Bullet point to Blog Section and Blog Conclusion tools allow you to quickly create well-written content without spending hours staring at a blank screen. Plus, these tools make it easy to add structure and finishing touches to your posts.

We have also upgraded other blog tools to generate higher quality content and now support a variety of different tones. We have now introduced briefs for Blog Paragraph and Blog Section Tools. Users can now enter main points and briefs to generate higher quality blog paragraphs and sections. With this you can tell the AI exactly what points it needs to cover and it will create content based on those briefs and main points. 

Tool Upgrades 🛠️

We have also released upgrades for Email Tools, Idea Tools, Product Tools and more. These tools now support tones, increased input lengths and higher quality output. In the coming weeks we will be upgrading all our tools so you can expect higher quality outputs, tones and increase input lengths for all of them soon.

Improved Analytics 📊

Some infrastructure upgrades have been done to collect better usage and analytics data which will allow us to improve our AI models, and the other features of the app. These upgrades will allow us to deliver a better customer experience and improve the usability and performance of the app. Explore the new features 

Bug fixes and improvements 


  • Tones for Blog tools, Email tools, Product Tools and more
  • Longer input lengths for a range of different short form copy tools
  • Briefs for blog paragraph and section tools


  • Fixed issue with Short Form copy generating getting stuck on some platforms
  • Fixed issue with Bullet point tool 
  • Fixed issue with Idea generator tools giving error 


  • Upgrades for All Short Form Copy Tools 
  • Long Form Assistant upgrades
  • SEO Assistant 
  • Multiple Workspaces and private projects

Check out our public roadmap for more. Stay tuned