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Introducing MarketingCopy AI

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Misha Waqar

The ability to write effective marketing copy is essential for all marketers. The copy you create can make or break your marketing campaign. Copywriting is an art, and it can be very difficult to get the message across. You have to think about how your copy will affect someone's thoughts or opinions on a topic. You also need to consider that there are different audiences out there who may take the information differently than others. Copywriters need to be able to write in many different styles and understand how each style will affect the marketplace. They must also consider what they are selling, who their audience is, and what the target market wants or needs. These challenges along with writers block and dry copies make copywriting hard for people who don't come from a copywriting background and at the end the marketing campaign ends up low conversion rates and a poor ROI.

The craft of writing marketing copies has been very manual since the dawn of commercial advertising and marketing even with the digital revolution that we have been undergoing for past 3-4 decades. This has resulted in a limited supply of good marketing copywriters in different geographies resulting in high costs and inability for small businesses and startups to acquire these services. With the advent of general purpose language models like GPT-3, this changes now. General purpose language models have enabled companies like ours to build software and tools on top for different language modelling and language generation use cases.

Enter MarketingCopy AI

An AI powered marketing copywriter that lets you convert raw product/service descriptions and audience information into fully crafted unique marketing copies. Our product is designed for marketers to help them create compelling content that that tells a story or promotes their product in an interesting way that will compel readers to take action.

Our powerful marketing copywriter offers 60+ tools to help you create marketing copies for a range of different use cases ranging from online ads, to blogs and more... MarketingCopy AI is able to turn sequences of words, short sentences, and bullet points into any desired long-form and short-form content. Our AI will learn your unique style and tone-of-voice and therefore generate marketing copies that follow your style of past copies.

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